Seminar 3rd hour



ROOM 1104 – 2021



What is it?

We are asking that all seminars devote the first ten minutes of each day to silent required reading.  For the first ten minutes the students must bring a book, magazine, or newspaper and quietly read.   There should be no hall passes, no trips to the library, and no trips to lockers or other distractions during this time.    There should be no use of mp3 players for these ten minutes and the focus should be on reading, not other homework.  After the first ten minutes, you may resume whatever your normal seminar schedule would be for the remaining time.  If you are scheduled to be in the Learning Center during this hour, you will go there at the beginning of the hour, as usual, and fulfill this seminar requirement there.



  1. You are expected to come to seminar each day prepared to work. This means you must bring something to do and you must be doing something academic during the entire period.


  1. *Silent Reading.  See above.


  1. If you need to go to the library, come first to seminar, read for 10 minutes, and then I will sign your planner, permitting the library has space for you.  If you need only a few minutes in the library, sign out toward the end of the hour.  You may visit the library three times per week and I am only allowed to send three students per day.  Also, you need to sign out on the sheet at the door as you leave my room AND you will need to sign in and out at the computer in the library. If I request that you come back to class, you need to sign  in when you return.


  1. If you need to do work with another teacher, please obtain a pass from that teacher prior to the start of class. When you leave this room, you must put your name and destination on the sign out sheet in the front of the room (red clipboard).   


  1. Sleeping / talking during seminar are not tolerated.


  1. You may use headphones during seminar, as long as other people in class cannot hear the music. This is not to be your only source of activity during the class period.


  1. Only water is permitted in this classroom under special situations, you need to talk to the teacher to get permission.  Please do not bring other food or drink or gum.


  1. Please use the restroom before or after class.  You will be allowed ONLY 3 bathroom passes per quarter.  I need to sign your planner for this purpose.  You also need to sign out on the sheet.


9.   Be respectful, responsible and remain on task the entire hour.  Cheating is also an implication that one doesn't respect the work of his or her peers. Take pride in your work        and work hard. Then you can take pride in your accomplishments as well. Be honest!




You can earn up to ten points per week in seminar.  You will receive one point per day for silent reading (being prepared and reading the entire ten minutes) and one point per day for effort.  I will keep track of these points daily. 



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